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Because Prince Charming is NOT a Mortgage Strategy

Working for you, not the Banks

Simply put, we offer mortgage choices! If you want a mortgage that best satisfies your needs, it's good to have a lot to choose from. As a mortgage broker, our job is finding you the mortgage that's in your best interest, not just the lender's and with 40 lenders to choose from, odds are we can do just that!

Most financial institutions offer only a limited variety of mortgage plans and shopping around at a number of different institutions takes a lot of time and can be very confusing. The fact is: There are hundreds of mortgage products available and that's where we can make a big difference. With our access to a variety of lenders, we do all the legwork to quickly find the mortgage strategy that best matches your goals. We always find the best rate possible, and we save you the hassle of negotiating. And what's more, repeated credit checks from a number of financial institutions can actually damage your credit score so we make the one and only credit check needed.

Canadians are turning to brokers to negotiate their mortgages because we make it easier. And as we are not the lender, our advice is always impartial. We have no vested interest in leading you to any particular mortgage lender. We find you with the best mortgage we can and you ultimately decide if it's the right one for you.

And what's more, in most cases, our service comes at no cost to you. We are paid a fee by the lender, and as fees paid tend to be similar, there is no incentive for us to favour one lender over another. We work only for you!

Sound good to you? We thought it might! Why not put us to the test right now — make an application.

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Marcy Berg

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