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If you're thinking of buying without a down payment can we make a suggestion?  FORGET IT!!!

One of the recent changes made by CMHC was the elimination of the no down payment mortgage. 

The method used to qualify you for 100% financing is accessing mortgages that give you a "cash back" option.  What that means is lenders will qualify you at a higher rate of interest and give you 5% of the total amount you borrow back to you and you use that money for the down payment. 

It's hardly a free down payment.  You will be paying a much higher rate of interest and you will be asked to pay a portion or all of it back if you leave the mortgage before the end of the 5 year term.  The devil is in the details for this mortgage.  Make sure you put it under the microscope if you are considering this option. 
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Mortgages for Women is owned by women for the benefit of women.


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